PROTECT YOUR TRADEMARK! (Reblog from Johnny Cupcakes)

Protecting your brand / trademark is important. If you’re going to make the time & money investment into starting a company, the last thing you want is for someone to come along and steal your ideas. Do some poking around on the internet or simply call a few trademark attorney’s for some free advice. Yes, it’s an investment. However, it’s a safe investment you’re going to have to make if you plan on growing. For years now, we’ve been working with a great trademark attorney who has assisted in many cases, both national and international.

Aside from many other positives– I think one of perks of me not selling my brand wholesale to any stores whatsoever, is that anytime there is a knock-off or something fishy spotted, my loyal customers around the world will let me know immediately. Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I say that it’s the sincerest form of getting punched in the face. Or the sincerest form of asking for a field trip to court. Every day is a battle. Seriously, every day. Today we won a big one. Bangkok, Thailand. I was informed by quite a few Johnny Cupcakes customers that this store was carrying hundreds of fake Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts. We even got this person kicked off of eBay for selling fakes. They’ve been selling fake Johnny Cupcakes shirts for the past few years. They even wholesale them to other stores in other countries! Well well… their store was just raided by police, over 400 t-shirts were confiscated, and the owner was arrested. He’ll be going to court shortly.

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