SelfEco Garden Packaging

SelfEco Garden compostable pots go effortlessly from indoors, into the ground. They help your vegetables and herbs grow faster, bigger, and fuller, all while using less energy and resources. Each garden pot has plant food built into the walls of the container. These nutrients come from coffee chaff, worm casings, other natural organics, and are completely Earth friendly. Plant the entire compostable pot into the ground for a landfill-free gardening experience!

Danny, owner of SelfEco, needed some professional packaging made that would appeal to big box garden centers in Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Through many variations and numerous product changes, we landed on this sleek yet informational wrap design. Long story short, SelfEco 6-packs can now be bought in seasonal Walmart garden centers, as well as many nurseries across the upper midwest!


  • Creative Direction

  • Branding

  • Retail Package Design

  • Wholesale Package Design

  • Photography


Early Packaging Concepts

This packaging shape was a serious contender for retail shelves. Although it allowed for content and branding to be printed on 5 sides (and sat nicely on a shelf), the amount of material and the dieline complexity would drive up the cost to the consumer. Which would in turn, deem us uncompetitive in our market. So it unfortunately had to be scrapped.



Retail Packaging

Cheap • Easy to assemble • Stacks nicely on a retail shelf • Stacks nicely in a retail display box • Plenty of viewable product exposure • Sticks out from the competition



Bulk/Wholesale Packaging

Fits 250 pots • Stacks evenly on pallets • Space available for shipping labels and/or product info labels • Complies with Walmart and Amazon packaging standards • Compatible with manufacturing robotics for automated product stacking