The Spice Pit

For the last 25 years, Chef Richard Desnoyers (A.K.A. The Wicked Chef) has been building a sourcing network of the finest culinary artisans, producers and suppliers working within the the food & beverage industry. During his culinary journey he recently realized a new found dedication in that everyone deserves to have access to: the best spice products available. So THE SPICE PIT was created for those who love to cook, enjoy and share great food but are not necessarily professionally involved in the culinary arts. The Wicked Chef approached me wanting help with SEO, but before fixing his SEO, we had to fix his UI & UX issues first. The project quickly turned into a larger one than expected, but ended up boosting sales and greatly increased the user experience.


  • Creative Direction
  • Branding
  • Identity Design
  • Web Design & Development

Old Website:


It was great to communicate with Ben. Very easy to work with, fast response, and went above and beyond my original customer requests
— Chef Richard Desnoyers, CEO