YOGO Packaging

YOGO is a new company in the yoga space, making eco-friendly, compact travel yoga gear focusing on performance and design. The YOGO Mat is a full-sized travel yoga mat made of super-grippy natural tree rubber that folds and secures to the size of a newspaper. Its folding design makes the YOGO easy to take anywhere and keeps the surface extra clean.  “Take Yoga Anywhere”.


  • Creative Direction
  • Packaging
  • Illustration
Ben is freaking amazing. He is so good that I almost don’t want to tell everyone so I can make sure he is available to help us, haha. Ben has great design sense, is super informed about the latest apps... and most importantly from the point of view of a business owner, he is really easy to work with, positive and nice, and zero-hassle. He has typically flipped things back to me with a one-day turnaround.
— Ryon Lane & Jessica Thompson (YOGO)
We love Ben and wish we could hire him full time. Plus he’s a super nice guy. I would trust him to do a complete branding package, website buildout, etc. He did our whole website plus our packaging in a cohesive manner and was really easy to work with and reasonable rates. He has very good design leadership (good ideas) and does not need micromanaging.
— Ryon Lane & Jessica Thompson (YOGO)